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121 kph / 75 mph top speed                       

7.1 Kw (7100 WATTS) OF CONTINUOUS   OUTPUT POWER                                           

8 Kw (8000 WATTS) of peak power. 14 KW launch or standing start power.


MSRP $8,275  

ZEV has heard the claims by various companies that they have the fastest street legal, electric production bike around. We tell them to bring their street legal production bike and to bring their betting money. There can be only one “fastest” street legal production electric motor scooter in the world. While there are lots of promises by companies showing prototypes or promises from non volume production bike companies, the ZEV7100 is real and available today, not vaporware and promises.  The speed of the 7100 is exceeded only by the ZEV T-10,T- 7100, and LRC which pulls a slight advantage in speed and acceleration (but then the competition says that it is more motorcycle than scooter)

The GIZMAG magazine editor rode the 7100 at the Koln International Motorcycle Show and said "I also rode the world’s fastest electric scooter, the 7100 watt ZEV, and I can tell you that it is a rocket ship fast enough to safely get you through hostile urban traffic and more than quick enough to pull you clear of traffic at the stoplight Grand Prix. It ----offer(s) just about everything you need from an electric commuter."

This bikes primary design goal was to be a commuter bike that could run on the highway and complete a 50 mile round trip.

The bike can run +116 km/h / 72 mph speeds with a 6 ft tall, 190 lb. rider sitting upright in only a 1/4 mile / .4 km standing start even with the standard controller. The ZEV7100 will run 130 kph / 78 mph from a dead stop in a 1/3rd mile run on a SAE standard conditions day with a 165 lb. rider using the high power Alpine controller (8500 watts output).

Look closer and you will see that this bike is really a sport bike in disguise.  The visual cues are there.  The big, no flex swingarm for excellent handling.  The high end gas shocks that only expensive sport bikes approaching $10,000 have.  (All ZEV7100 made after June 2010 have the gas shocks)  Notice the modular wheel and motor system that is only sold on a ZEV. Under the bodywork is a highly torsionally rigid frame unlike any "scooter" comprised of 1.25 OD steel tubing.  This is not a little scooter despite its very light weight.  The wheelbase is 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) Longer than a Honda CBR1000 RR chassis for excellent high speed handling.   The ground clearance is excellent with no grounding in the curves in road racing (unlike the bikes like the Vectrix that grind the body on the curves). 

We put the bike to the test in Intermot Electric Scooter Roadracing.  Thirty minutes of flat out racing and the motor and controller only get warm, never hot.  After thirty minutes of racing we put the bike back out on the demonstrator program without stopping to charge so that people could drive the bike and see what makes it so special themselves.

Take the 7100 out on the highway and run. Push the shift button for the power boost into second and third as you go up through the “gears” on our “Electronic Transmission” and feel the power roll on.

Cruising at less than all out speeds this bike has yielded 55 to 70 miles (112 – 88 km) of useful range for beta test riders (depending on terrain, speed, weather, and rider weight).

Customer Email - The bike is running well otherwise.
And,the batteries seem to like to warmer weather. I replaced the lens from the daylight running light you sent. It has > 10,000 miles on it by now. The tires are wearing well. - brent
(60 miles/day round trip commute)

Faster than any of the advertised speeds of any other electric motor scooter. Compare the advertised specifications listed on other company web sites and brochures.

Faster than the $10,000 or the $8,700 Vectrix scooter. Save $2,000 and get better performance with ZEV.

  • At least 15 mph Faster than the Vectrix VX-1E and faster with more range than the $2,450 more expensive $10,500 Vectrix VX-1 non lithium battery bike.
  • The ZEV has an 84% higher continuous rating power than the 3.8 Kw Vectrix.

Faster than the production electric motorcycles.

  • Faster than the Brammo Enertia Bike, but the ZEV has 41% more range at least.

Faster than any of the Chinese gasoline motor scooters tested in actual comparison tests.

Faster than the Current Motors Deluxe by at least 10 mph with far better handling.

41% more range than the $10,000 Vectrix. (based on advertised specifications)

41% more range than the best of the Chinese built electric scooters claim to be capable of. (based on advertised claims)

24% more range than the Current Motors Deluxe

Range better than the far more expensive, $9,995 Brammo Empulse.

Customer Email - I managed get 50 miles out of a charge today riding to a Big Basin Redwoods State Park.  Average  speed was 30mph, tooling around mountain roads. Pulled 37AH out of the pack. --- the controller never shutdown."  Brent

Hill climbing ability better than  any  other electric motor scooter on the market even with our standard motor.

Lighter than the heavy Vectrix by close to 200 lbs.  (The curb weight of the 7100 is 366 lbs.)

Best warranty in the industry. Two years on everything but the battery.  One year on the battery. 

Maximum Speed - 130 kph / 78 mph + (rated in a 1/3rd mile run on an SAE standard day with a 165 lb rider with the bike within 10 minutes of coming off of the charger) with the 8500 watt variant.  The standard bike will run 121 kmh / 75 mph.

Range - depends upon terrain, speed, weather, load. Our range is measured on flat land on standard day conditions. 

62 miles at 50 mph   

70 miles at 45 mph

30 miles at 60-65 mph                                                               

83 miles at 28 mph

In actual driving by customers under less than steady state driving on flat land the above seems to hold true.  At the extremes we have several riders driving 25-30 miles a day one way on the highway at highway speeds of 65-70 mph.  Equally, riders in heavy urban traffic with lots of stops and power consuming acceleration away from the traffic light get about 25 miles range.  (All range stated is not to the point of a dead battery, but rather than range, it is the distance that customers are actually driving one way without recharging)

For those riders seeking even longer range, the Trail 7100 and the limited production Standard 7100 Long Range has 50% longer range because of its larger battery size.


4. Kw lithium battery capacity. 

BMS (Battery Management System) built into the connectors between the battery cells.

Energy saving 3 speed “Electronic Transmission” controller available in 3 different power settings.

Longer wheelbase than a Vectrix for high speed handling.

Battery pack as low as possible in the chassis to put the bike mass at the axle. Only 6.5 inches from the ground to the battery box bottom. This is a radically lower CG than bikes like the $13,995 Brammo Empulse that carries all of its battery weight above the axle and its CG near the top of the wheel.  This allows our bike to be panic stop braked without picking up the back wheel or diving down on the front wheel.

Seating For Two  The 7100 has a big seat ample for two full sized adults, not the single seat like the electric motorcycle.   That lack of seat space and a luggage rack on those bikes means it is not very usable in daily use.  You have no place to strap down your load or carry your girlfriend or wife or friend.

Curb Weight - 366 lbs / 166 kg Gross Weight - 759 lbs / 344kg   Passenger and load carrying ability 393 lbs.

This bike is assembled in the USA with a US VIN number and USA Certificates of Origin. There are no registration problems like may occur with the Chinese LX Vin Series bikes.

The ZEV7100 is fully compliant with all EPA and DOT rules and regulations.

For more views of the bike, here is a link to our YouTubeslide show

                                       MSRP $8,275.

 Less- all state, and local rebates, incentives, and credits) See incentives page.

The bikes are in stock at the factory and available on some dealer showroom floors for immediate delivery. Orders not filled out of inventory are running 80 to 110 days to ship.

The vehicle is available with a higher electrical power supply to the motor which increases climbing torque 28%, but which cuts range 15-20% depending upon rider driving habits.  This higher torque option makes the bike have a very strong acceleration and a rapid throttle response.


For those riders who want the maximum range possible and prefer a less sporting throttle response, a "Soft Response" throttle setting is available.  This takes away the hard edge of acceleration on the bike, but maximizes range by not promoting the hard acceleration.  However, for maximum hill climbing, the standard acceleration is recommended

****All comparison information is taken directly from competitor websites and sales brochures or from email from their staff



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