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Please contact us with any questions or to arrange for contact with a dealer or a factory direct sales person.

Engineering questions can be sent to the same email address below. 

Take a Demonstration Ride at our test site in Morgantown, WV.  We will pick you up at the airport in either Morgantown, or Pittsburgh, Pa.  These visits are arranged through the same email address listed below.

The Finishing Shop is the site from where the demo rides are given.  This is at:

     ZEV,  5 Ohio Ave, Westover, WV., 26501     Call ahead for an appointment to visit.   

There is no mail or courier service at the 5 Ohio address.  Mail and Fed Ex/UPS/DHL should be sent to the agents mailing address of

     ZEV, 32 West Jefferson St, Westover, WV., 26501

Contact us by email at

You may also telephone the sales desk at 304 291 3843 (USA) in Eastern Standard Time 9-6 PM    If you do not get a quick response please email us and we will get and answer the inquiry quickly.