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**A USA Federal tax credit applies to all ZEV trikes for the year 2016**

ZEV offers special chassis work trikes - or electric vehicles built to your specifications for your particular work mission. We offer a variety of three wheeled work trike.  These chassis are available to carry up to 2 tons.

Why use a trike compared to a UTV, NEV, ATV, golf cart, or utility vehicle--Consider that ZEV trikes offer:

  • Only ZEV utility trikes have the ability to be driven on the road legally in all states as opposed to UTV, ATV, golf carts, and other utility vehicles. Generally, with few state exceptions, these other vehicles may not be driven on the road.
  • The ability to be driven in either the NEV class with an auto license at under 25 mph OR as a licensed motorcycle at higher speeds.
  • Far more reliability and speed at a lower cost than a golf cart.  Speeds to 3 times that of many golf cart (to 35 mph when driven as a registered motorcycle with a motorcycle license).  Range to 3 times of many golf cart.
  • More load carrying ability than a golf cart or a UTV vehicle with 4 X 8 ft beds and loads to 1600 lbs in the standard models (T3-2)
  • Less cost and maintenance than a 4 wheel vehicle, and never need a front end alignment.
  • Available in box truck rear cargo containment, flat beds, dump beds

ZEV T3-1   

Our lightest and lowest price trike was designed to cover both the needs of individuals as a general run about and for light load delivery.  It is narrow so that it can find parking easily, and can drive between lines of cars at stop lights (where allowed by law).  With 1500 watts of power, a geared drive train, it can climb extremely well.  As an option, we can run two motors  for very steep grades.  The trike is available with either a rear load bed or a small rear seat for one adult.  When the rear seat is installed, it can be folded down flat for larger loads.


The goal of this bike was to make a vehicle that can have enormous range for delivery.  It is not fast being limited to 35 mph / 56 kmh, but it has an industry unique battery swap out pack that enables it to carry up to 3 battery packs at one time for up to 100 miles / 160 km range.  Each battery pack enables a max range of 33 miles.  Two of the battery pack are lift out packs that can be used either just one or both being either on the bike or on the charger so that when the bike comes back to the store, the battery can be fast swapped out.  For the maximum distance, we run the built in battery as the standby, run off of one of the fast swap battery, and keep the 3rd fast swap battery on charge to exchange.

The bike is available with large delivery box for the rear bed and a conversion into a box truck rear.  Side curtains are also available for the bike for foul weather driving along with electric heating elements for driver comfort.

     Base vehicle with one battery.                  $3300

     Each additional battery pack $750            Extra charger $160


Our larger vehicle are available with truck type beds, flatbeds, and dumping beds, with and without cab enclosures.  The trike below has a dumping bed and a 500 kg load rating.

These vehicles are also available in serial hybrid form with generator/range extenders built in under the seats.


We offer a broad range of vehicles all based around a small 3 person, 3 wheel trike chassis.  The power, speed, range, and load carrying are tailored to the customer specifications. 

Compared to a Golf Cart or a NEV, the ZEV is a minimum of 30% faster, and less expensive, while being able to carry radically larger loads.

Power can be as great as 32 kw with battery capacity to 7.68 kwh in lead battery, and far more in lithiumOptions include larger battery packs, more power, bigger brakes, more load carrying ability, ability to tow a trailer, serial hybrid booster generators, quick change battery packs, dual rear wheels, heavy load chassis.

There are two chassis versions of the taxi. The larger T3-3 is the strongest and can provide the greatest range of power, speed, range options


The white vehicle shown below is a very light duty unit.  We generally recommend the larger, and much stronger and powerful model. 

Due to the nature of all of these vehicles, please contact ZEV sales to discuss you particular needs.


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