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ZEV are designed by highly skilled aircraft and race vehicle engineers and assembled by aircraft mechanics. They are tested on airport test tracks and on race tracks where they can be pressed to find any limits. They are driven daily by customers around the world as their "go to work vehicle"

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ZEV Motorcycle and Scooter Model Overview



10 LRC10 KWLithium140 mile80 mile 78 mph10 Kwh$13,900

T-10 LR10 KWLithium140 mile80 mile78 mph10 kwh$13,975
T-71007100 WattsLithium100 mile50 mile75 mph
T-61006100 wattsLithium85 mile 40 mile62 mph
T-51005100 wattsLithium70 mile35 mile50 mph


7100 LR8300 wattsLithium100 mile50 mile75 mph
71007100 wattsLithium65 mile35 mile75 mph
61006100 wattsLithium55 mile25 mile62 mph
6000 LA6000 wattsLead silicate54 mile25 mile62 mph
41004100 wattsLithium41 mile20 mile50 mph
4100 L4100 wattsLead silicate41 mile20 mile48 mph
3600 L3600 wattsLead silicate45 mile23 mile48 mph
2700 L2700 wattsLead silicate32 mile18 mile38 mph


ZEV E Bicycle Overview.

ZEV builds battery integrated into the chassis E bike.  This is a radically stronger and lighter way to build a bike. 

When you double the diameter of a frame tube you increase the rigidity by a factor of over 4.  The battery box built into the frame has about a 16 X 1 strength advantage over a conventional round tube chassis, and a lightness advantage.  Then there is the elimination of bolted junctions, parts count, things to come loose, and stress at bolt together points elimination.

The ZEV chassis is hydroformed aluminum to shape the metal to match the stresses for the minimum weight at the maximum strength.

ZEV uses its oil cooled motor technology on all of its E Bike motors to make them run longer, run colder, and run more efficiently.

ZEV uses the largest battery in the industry in any E Bike under $7,000 retail for the longest range

WHY BUY A ZEV MOTOR SCOOTER over all other brands?

  • We pride ourselves on outperforming the competition and beating them on quality while keeping our prices far lower.
    Our goal is to always keep a minimum of a 25% differential between us and the competition in both price and performance.  
    Performance you can afford.
  • We make the worlds fastest production electric motor scooters that have the longest range of any production scooters or motorcycles in the world.
  • Our Warranty is the best in the industry.  200% better than most other competitors.  When the product is Excellent, the warranty can be too. (and when the product is not so good, neither is the warranty) 
  • Our products outperform any same rated motor vehicle at the same price and beat or meet the performance of vehicles selling for several times more.  (Click on our Dare To Compare tab)
  • We sell only daily driver usable vehicles.  No "toy" vehicles that won't climb hills or keep up with the traffic or break down with limited range are sold by ZEV. 
  • Our Vehicles models have up to 200% more range than competitors.
  • We do not advertise any performance that is not met by the standard vehicle.  No claims of high performance that is "detuned" for the public. 
  • We do not advertise motor peak power ratings, we use only real world usable continuous power ratings for the bike that the motor is on.  You can rely on getting real world performance.
  • USA VIN numbers, Certification labels, and Certificates of Origin mean you can get your bike licensed without any issues with the DOT or its equivalent.
  • We use an innovative multi speed "Electronic Transmission" to match the need for amps and voltage to the load and speed needs.  This increases the range up to 50% and hill climbing ability up to 35% more than competing equal wattage bikes.
  • We build Industrial Use (Police, Mail Delivery, Taxi, sidecar and trailer load hauling etc.) use electric motor scooters with radically stronger frames and components than all other companies in the industry.  These same components are in our standard motor scooters to make them radically more durable than the competition's bikes.  Our bikes are built to last.
  • Our bikes have the strongest brakes and shortest stopping distances of any comparable motor scooter or motorcycle on the market.
  • We test our components at radical levels to insure against problems.  Example - Our controllers are run in a hot box at 43 degree C (110 F) at full load for 48 hours with no heat shutdown. Our motors are tested at 150 degree C for the continuous power rating.
  • We have more models spanning the broadest range of speed and distance capabilities of any highway capable electric bike company.  More models, more selection, more options, more price points to best serve your needs.
  • Our bikes are built to handle and drive hard with a wheelbase on the scooters 2.5 inches Longer than a Honda CBR1000RR on the Standard scooter line (The T Series is even longer).  The LRC is 6 inches longer than the Honda.
  • We stress safety in our designs. 
    • -Dual main headlights and taillights are known to provide far better vehicle recognition and distance judgement to car drivers.
      -Three lights on the bike front for nighttime running for maximum vehicle recognition.
      -Blinding bright taillights make sure you are noticed
      -Our bikes tested in all weight class braking tests by government agencies as outstanding, if not the record setter in all weight class.

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SUBJECT: My new ZEV, RB in Oregon

Thanks for your guidance. I really love it. People who have seen it say it looks like the “Ferrari” of electric bikes.

That shifting makes all the difference! Wife and I went out together today for a spin. What a hoot!

SUBJECT:  Message from IBScootn on Endless-Sphere forum 

4300 miles and still going strong. No noticeable battery capacity loss and ride is still great.

I think buying an e-scooter is a great deal no matter what time frame. Unlike some bicycle lane hugging toys, these are real motorcycles that can replace the use of a car. IMHO, an e-motorcycle is much safer to ride on roads than an e-bike because you are riding at the speed of traffic. Last year, I went over 3500 miles on less than $30 of electricity! Yes, $30 for a year of transportation. The wife drives our Prius, and I ride the ZEV. My motorcycle insurance runs $100/yr. Compare that to auto insurance. Autos are about 13.5 cents/mile but then you have to add in expenses for tuneups, oil changes, radiator flushes, and maintenance of the hundreds of parts that can fail in today's cars. In contrast, the e-scooter costs less than 1 cent/mile and its drive train only has two moving parts: the hub motor and the throttle; it is practically maintenance free but you still have tires and brakes to maintain. It takes very little time to reach a ROI.

But more important than saving over having a car - these scooters are so fun to ride! Everyone has a different reason for riding an EV. For me, it is a political statement, a means to lead by example, cheap transportation, but most importantly - a blast to ride.

SUBJECT: Customer service.  PK in Colorado.

My bike arrived by truck yesterday afternoon. Thank you for your professionalism to repair the bike. The Chinese bike companies wouldn't have done such a thing and I doubt if Zero Co. would have cared much. You went beyond the call of duty by cleaning the bike and sending me a new seat. In fact you sent the bike back looking so nice and road ready that I had a hard time convincing the truck driver that it was the same bike he had picked up a few months ago. He thought that he had been hauling a brand new bike. I rode the bike from the drop site for about a mile to my house. It performed great. The hum of that electric motor is a sweet sound. Now I'm eager to get my shovel carrier back on the bike so that I can use it again in the fields. It will be a pleasure to re-retire my gas guzzling pickup truck.


"I bought a used ZEV 7100 on Ebay. I calculated that at UK petrol prices, £6.25 per gallon, night rate charging, & based upon a 50 mile range, your 7100 gives the equivalent of over 1000 mpg imperial! ---- but when it comes to 'fuel' efficiency, nothing else comes close. Not even my 185 mpg diesel bike!"


  • THE GOVERNMENT HELPS YOU TO PURCHASE AND OPERATE THE VEHICLE - Substantial Government rebates, tax credits, tax deductions, sales tax exemptions, special free parking allowances, reduced property taxes, exemptions from road tax, reduced license and registration fees are available in some areas.
  • THE ULTIMATE IN FUEL EFFICIENCY- Craig Vetter, the organizer of the Vetter Fuel Challenges stated "For the second year in a row, electric riders demonstrated that even without streamlining, they consume less energy in dollars and cents per mile than the very best streamlined gasoline and diesel powered bikes!" Fuel costs run about $.0127/mile or about $127 per 10,000 miles in the Ohio/WV/Pa area.
  • NEAR ZERO MAINTENANCE - No oil changes, filters to replace, chain, gearbox, shifter, clutch, mufflers, exhaust system. Only 2 moving assemblies in the drive train (throttle and rear wheel).
  • REDUCE GREENHOUSE GASES - A 2001 US Dept of Energy study says that battery powered electric vehicles reduce greenhouse gases 35% over gasoline powered vehicles. A 2004 California Air Resources Board Study resulted in a 67% reduction in California. That study stated electric was nearly twice as effective in reducing emissions as a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.



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