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ZEV7100 LR(long range)

121 kph / 75 mph speed (more in a crouch or with the 8500 watt option)

Range to 160 km/100 m

1 Kw (7100 WATTS) OF CONTINUOUS OUTPUT POWER. Motor rated to 15,000 Kw

8 Kw (8000 WATTS) of peak power. 14 Kw launch or standing start power.

MSRP $8,990  (Price includes a luggage box for the rear luggage rack)


ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle) has the reputation as the manufacturer of “The World’s Fastest and Longest Range Electric Scooters”. It now has pushed that claim and has begun delivery of its new 7100 LR (Long Range) electric motor scooter boosting 160 km/100 mile range and speeds to 128/80 mph (with 8500 watt option).

The introduction of this new model now gives ZEV customers two such performance bikes, the new 7100 LR, and the T7100 electric motorcycle, both using the latest advancements in lithium battery and hub motor technology. The 7100 LR utilizes the largest lithium battery pack possible and larger than any competing motor scooter and the vast majority of electric motorcycles.  The total battery capacity of 6 Kwh is larger than found in most hybrid cars. This battery pack utilizes 2nd Generation Li-ion LFMP chemistry. This type of lithium battery is used in all ZEV models and is unusual as they have eight connection fasteners on each battery instead of the normal two. (Each terminal end has 4 fasteners) This makes it virtually impossible for the battery to vibrate and loosen the terminal connections to eliminate one of the more common electric vehicle life cycle. 

84 volt nominal system, 60 ah battery cells.

Unique among performance electric vehicles, the ZEV uses a hub motor where the motor is contained completely inside the rear wheel. The outside of the motor is the tire rim and the axle is fixed as the stator, thereby eliminating all moving parts except the bearings. This eliminates the need for maintenance of a chain or belt drive and the efficiency losses that arise from using chains and belts. The time needed for the motor to “spool up” in rpm to generate power like bikes that are powered by a small diameter motor through a chain or belt is also eliminated making the bike very responsive and quick. The torque is instantaneous.

At the same amps and volts, the torque of an electric motor goes up as the cube of the diameter, so that the 12 inch in diameter ZEV motor has radically more torque than all other competitors in production. For example, a ZEV has 185 Nm of torque, compared to 63 NM for the nearly twice as expensive Brammo Empulse which consumes far more amps. To further eliminate wear points, all ZEV motors are brushless.

The new 7100 LR was created in response to customers asking for the range of the ZEV T7100, but in the sleeker styling of the standard 7100. While sharing the same hub motor, controller, and battery pack as the already in production for a year T7100, the new 7100 LR is a very different vehicle. Obviously the style is very different as the T7100 has a double frame chassis to carry extreme loads, and a longer wheelbase than the new 7100 LR. The shorter wheelbase and the way that the weight is positioned in the chassis make the 7100 LR have a more “sporty” feel being able to be flicked about on a curvy road more aggressively compared to the T7100.

Specifications are:

•Max speed 75 mph (standard controller), upright position, or 80 mph (8500 watt controller), or standard controller, but tucked down per Motorcycle Industry test procedure.

•Vehicle Empty Weight 406.4 lbs

•Vehicle Gross Weight 759 lbs

•Useful load 352 lbs •Max Range at highway speeds of 100 miles at 50 mph

•Max Range at Interstate speeds of 50 miles at average of 70 mph.

ZEV has discovered most of its buyers are the commute to work rider. The majority of the ZEV riders state that they did not buy the bikes to avoid paying for gasoline nor to be “green”. They bought the bikes for the lack of maintenance and the associated maintenance costs that are and the time saving aspects of electric. No oil and filter changes, no chains and belts to adjust or replace. No carbs or injection to clean or adjust. No oily spots on the driveway.

Owners tell ZEV that the time it takes to charge the battery is of little consequence, just so the “tank is full” when they leave for work in the morning. (However, the bikes will charge in 4 hours limited only by the 15 amps available from most home wall plugs) It was also time savings, not money savings that the owners valued most. Even when maintenance is required, it is a far easier, less time consuming, and less costly affair to go electric than with gasoline.

The more analytical customer document that the time to do all of the maintenance on a gasoline bike, the time going to and from the dealer, and the time to go to the gas station amounts to about 68 hours over 20,000 miles for the gas scooter

Life cycle cost analysis by ZEV customers indicate that it costs approximately 60% less to drive a ZEV than to drive a gasoline fueled scooter of equal performance and cost to the ZEV electric. These customers report full costs not including depreciation of 12 cents/mile. This lack of maintenance and the ability for customers to work on their own electric bikes without high technical skill are one reason the ZEV are sold all over the world even where they do not yet have dealerships. In the areas where ZEV does not have dealers, ZEV ships the bike worldwide direct to the customer’s door. Service can be done by any normal skilled motorcycle shop as the extreme simplicity of the electric bike and the radically less parts count and no moving parts design make repairs very simple. 

 Options include: • DWG 150 watt Stereo system  

High mount on handlebars. $190 installed

Low mount $230 installed


Each 7100 LR includes a luggage box for the rear.

Additional storage space for small items such as rain gear can be fitted into the area under the seat before and aft of the battery.

To get a grip on just how good this ZEV is when compared against the mega expensive bikes costing far more money like the Brammo and ZERO, consider the October 2012 test by a ZEV 7100 owner of the new ZERO S costing $14,000. "As you know, Zero Motorcycles is based in Scotts Valley, CA, about 5 minutes north of here. I finally got a chance to ride one of the 2012 S models about two weeks ago on "Plug in day" It's pretty cool in general. The Zero cruised the freeway at 70mph (while the speedo indicated 85mph. The usual silliness) Things I didn't like were the price ($14K), the lack of storage or space for a passenger, and, you might have guessed, the throttle response. This bike has a claimed 20kW of power, but, from a stop, there is no acceleration until you open the throttle > 80% A couple times, I just sat there, wobbling, waiting for the bike to finally take off. After a few tries, you just nail the throttle to get going. But, because the "active" region where you get meaningful control is so small, it becomes tricky to modulate the take off when following cars. Their mechanical engineer at the event claimed that the throttle was set up this way to keep from damaging the 400A controller by discouraging abrupt take offs. Not very convincing to me."

In comparison to the ZERO,  ZEV only needs to run 100 A in its controller given the advantage of the large diameter motor so that the torque and power is instantaneous.  We do not worry about customers damaging the controller with "abrupt take offs".  We encourage them instead.  Zippy performance is our trademark.

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