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The T-Series

T-15    T-8500    T-6100    T-5100    T-6000L

The World's Toughest and Most Capable Electric Motor Scooter

 Model T-5100 T-6100
Power (continuous)
5100 w
6100 w
8500 w
 15,000 w
 Battery Capacity (nominal)
4.5 Kwh
5.2 Kw
6 Kwh
 6 Kwh
Range at 65% power
63 miles
73 miles
80 miles
 80 miles
 Range at 100% power
35 miles
40 miles
50 miles
 50 miles
 Top Speed
 50 mph
 62 mph
 75 mph
 78 mph
 MSRP $ 7,189
 $ 8,190
 $ 8,895
 $ 8,995

(The T-6000 L model is a special purpose bike usually considered for delivery work.  It uses lead silicate battery while all other T series are lithium.  The rear load platform can be arranged so that it can hold the very large delivery box as we also use on the 2700)                                 T-6000L price $4965.

The Dual Purpose, All Rounder, and Range Champion

If this bike had a fake gas tank on it no one would ever call it a scooter.  This bike is the answer for a daily commuter who wants sporting ability.   It is fast and quick to, allowing you to put it exactly where you need it on the road.

Dual 260 mm front brakes are now on the T8500 and higher power.  260 mm front and rear brakes are used on all models.  A new front fender is on all bike models like the one on the left below.


The T Series is the world's toughest, strongest and most capable two wheeled EV.  The chassis combines two styles of chassis in one frame for a double frame.  Down the center is a big backbone chassis. 
But then there is the motorcycle style double down tube chassis too.  This ultra rigid chassis gives the bike the ability to haul loads, or to have the extreme rigidity needed for back-road carving.  Sport bike or truck, it can be either.

To make it even more capable, the bike is available with standard road tires or semi knobby/dual purpose tires. The T-Series also uses a special high torque hub motor, for extreme hill climbing ability.  

To make the bike more easy to use, the T series is available with reverse.

The T-Series uses a high torque motor with extra cooling fins. Clearly not like any other motor, on any other motor scooter or motorcycle. The motor is built inside the wheel. That means less moving parts, resulting in a far more robust system. No chains or belts to break or rob you of efficiency.

(optional dual purpose tires shown below)

With a big seat and lots of leg room, the T-Series can handle the longest rides and riders. The rear section of the seat flips up and locks to form a back rest for long rides. This also reveals a large heavy duty cargo rack. Haul your work equipment, your outboard motor, or your trophy buck.

The fully digital instrument panel has only a hall sensor and a magnet down at the wheel. Forget getting clogged air filters. An electric motor doesn't lose power at altitude like a gasoline engine. Its no wonder that our first bikes were sold in British Columbia, Colorado, and Africa, and still going strong.

Dual front headlights with built in bright LED running lights.

Do not worry about getting stranded on back roads with this bike. It has the longest range of any electric bike on the market. Our customers has demonstrated 100 mile ranges on asphalt roads. On dirt roads dirt roads customers can expect ranges of 85 miles with a mix of varied speeds and inclines.

Designed for easy maintenance, all of the wiring connectors for the motor and controller are located under the flat deck. Pull out 6 bolts and you can do immediate trouble shooting. 5 bolts on the side allow access to the batteries for inspection.

This is not some little toy scooter. The wheelbase is 60.62 inches. That is .62 inches longer than a Harley Sportster 883 or 1200cc. and 5 inches longer than a Honda CBR1000RR Wheelbase. That long wheelbase gives the rider radically better stability than the traditional short wheelbase, while the light weight and low CG of the bike makes it very easy to handle compared to motorcycles.

(Optional dual purpose tires shown above)

Check out what our customers had to say:

"I was very pleased with your 8500 Trail bike. It is actually more stable than my (Harley) 1200 Sportster at high speed" -T.V. California-

"The T-7100 arrived today. The bike came fully charged so after unpacking and checking things over I went for a ride. At 400 lbs it is slightly heavier than the 1981 Suzuki 400 I have been riding, but it feels so much lighter and easier to ride. It feels smaller but it is longer and the seats are much bigger. The low centre of gravity is really noticeable and it gives one a much bigger sense of security. It feels like riding a bicycle except you can go really fast. My wife wants to ride this bike too and she will have a much easier time with this bike than I did redoing my license on the Suzuki 400. We both had motorcycle licenses over 30 years ago so we are just getting back into it again. I also went for a late night ride ( we live in a rural area), and when I came to a complete stop, everything was immediately quiet. Beautiful! the quietness is my favorite part of riding this bike. It really wants to take the corners too." -R.F. BC Canada-

"My T-Series has been working great. I ride it nearly every day, charge it in the evening, and get back on it the next morning. It is turning into a real workhorse. I enjoy being on it." -P. Colorado-

"I've been riding it 10-20 miles at a time and taken it up mountain trails with out any problems. It's a great machine- I keep it charged with my 3.5Kw solar array so it really is a green machine! No carbon needed! -T.E. Colorado-

The bike has arrived and it is excellent! I have really enjoyed the
handling and power. I appreciate the logistics it took to send the bike here to Beijing.  M M. China

Colorado has a lot of ZEV riders. EVs don't suffer power losses from altitude. Full power to the top of mountain!

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