The Performance and Value Leader In Electric Vehicles!

ZEV makes a line of bikes (listed on the left side of this page as click on tabs for each model) from our smallest, the 2700, to our industry leading  10 LRC and T-10.  Clicking on the tab will take you to the specific model details.  We also have special work vehicles in 2 and 3 wheel listed. 

 ZEV bikes feature:

     -Black center wheels with polished rims front and rear matching the new, black, Gen IV modular motor

     - Maximum safety margin, high load, high speed tires rated  for 150 kmh / 94 mph and with test speeds of 150 mph / 241 km/h.  These give the maximum possible safety and handling in keeping with the speeds of the new bikes on all models in power over 3600 watts in all 13 inch rim bikes.  The load capacity is also an outstanding 60 tire load index for 531 lbs / 250 kg of load capacity.  We believe you should run the best tires you can find.

     -A long wheelbase chassis for the LRC and T-10 that can hold over 120V or 10 Kwh of battery for the highest battery capacity in the industry for the maximum possible range. No other electric bike company in the world has a model that can hold over 10 Kwh like a ZEV.  

     -The new Gen IV modular motor and wheel with the best cooling in the industry.  This new design allows more  powerful motors and higher speed motors for models to 10,000 watts (10 Kw) of continuous power.  No other electric motor can touch this motor in terms of torque, reliability, speed, or efficiency at equal amps/volts input. The magnets are expensive, rare earth, neodymium-iron-boron magnets.

 CUSTOMER QUOTE "I have been riding as much as possible in the fast lane around town. A lot of people around here still think scooters belong hugging the bike lanes. It blows their minds when they see you passing them in the fast lane. Yesterday a driver pulled along side of me and asked what I had in that bike - a Hemi? I just smilled and told him - just a lot of electricity; you should have seen the shock in his face - priceless". (BJ)  

      -High end gas shock suspension standard on all bikes over 3600 watts.

     -The BMS (battery management system) is built into the bike enabling the battery charger to be shrunk in size.  Now it can fit into the under seat luggage box with room to spare.  Take the charger with you for your longest trips

     -Even the monster charger for the largest bike fits into the luggage box.


Three different controller options to best match your driving style and needs from range to stop light Grand Prix.


Standard Equipment on All Scooters

Center and side stand

Waterproof controller and motor

Waterproof electrical connections

Quick change wiring connections to all major components.

Exceptionally bright tail and stop lights.

Dual headlights

Daytime "Always on" running light as required by law.

Large under the seat storage area on all models above 3600 watts(except for 7100 LR)

Speedometer in Mph and or Kilometers with Odometer

Battery Power Remaining and Available Gauge

Battery Charger

Luggage Rack


Anti-theft Lock

Running lights and turns signals

See the individual specifications for the models on the individual model pages (See Tabs on page left).  These specifications cover the details which vary by model of the speeds, weight, range, weight, and price.   

All ZEV bikes feature dual headlights and tail lights for maximum brightness and visibility.    A center "Always On" running light alerts drivers to your coming.


All  ZEV bikes use a minimum of dual front piston brakes and dual rear piston brakes for maximum braking. 


Part of the big power advantage in ZEV bikes comes from the cooling of the controller and the motor.  The controller is heavily finned to dissipate heat.  The higher the power of the bike, the more fins and cooling.  This photo is of the lowest power controller with the least amount of cooling fins.  


Large under the seat storage area on most models.


All ZEV bikes use a aircraft construction style, thick wall steel tube frame where the battery box acts as a structural frame member for extra stiffness.  All available space is stuffed with battery for maximum range and power.  All ZEV bikes under 7100 watts hold the batteries in a single low mount row to lower the CG and make the frame more rigid. (competitors with smaller chassis frames must stack the batteries in a second high row even for 5000 watts).  The lower the bike CG, the better it performs in hard stops as it does not want to lift the rear wheel and more rear brake can be applied.  This also helps to yield a light feeling bike that can be flicked from side to side through the turns.


All ZEV bikes use special motors with features not shared by any other company in the world.  Look for the ZEV on the motor to know that you are looking at a true ZEV motor


 ZEV has an all aluminum hub motor and wheel (competitor wheels are generally  steel and none have the internal and external cooling fins nor the one piece rim and motor housing).  The advantage is not just the lighter weight and better ride, but the far greater heat conduction of the aluminum to remove heat from the hub motor.  The steel wheeled motors of competitors are plagued with heat problems resulting in magnets coming loose in the housings.  The competitors also cannot hold full rated power continuously due to heat issues.



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