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ZEV Rewards its owners who race in any form whether it is Road racing, hill climbs, drag races, top speed, or economy or distance runs for motorcycle, motor scooter, or bicycle.

To Reward ZEV owners that race, ZEV pays contingency money.

     $500 to any ZEV owner who finishes a sanctioned race or event, and        who can document the race with photos, press, and proof that they                        finished the race.

     $1,000 additional for any ZEV owner who wins the race OR finishes in the top      5 positions OR sets a class record.  (In the event of multiple ZEV in the top 5 positions, the lead bike receives the money)

Exploit the ZEV advantages.    


Racing fact - A fake gas tank on an electric bike does not make that bike more of a race bike than one without the fake tank.

  • The ZEV T Series was built to handle.  The ground clearance with the center stand off is fantastic.  Cornering clearance beyond the ability of the tires.  Foot pegs can bolt onto the frame rails instead of the foot boards for more control at the limit. The bike uses a double frame chassis featuring a double down tube cradle frame with a 2.5 inch torque tube backbone running through the middle of that.  Then the battery box is made structural (not bolt in like others).  A rigid chassis for hard running.
  • Both the ZEV T-10 and LRC are a match in battery capacity and continuous power or exceed the specifications for the best of the production electric motorcycles from any other company.  In range they edge out the best of them.  In speed their continuous speed is equal with an edge developing over distance.
  • The ZEV run less than 1/2 of the amps of any of the electric motorcycle of near equal performance such as ZERO while producing twice the advertised torque of the competition at those lower amps flow.  That leaves room to double the performance of a ZEV in acceleration and hill climbing with nothing but a controller swap.    We do not need fans to force air through motors or over their fins as the rotating hub motor is its own "fan".  Oil cooling in the motors distributes any heat and promotes cooling.
  • All ZEV have more front tire contact patch for deeper turn braking and better braking at the limits than any of the production electric motorcycle brands.   The tire contact patch of the rear tire is wider than many of the production electric motorcycle brands.  
  • All ZEV carry their weight low in the chassis for faster response in flipping back and forth in tight S turns.  The battery set as much as 10 inches lower than other brands.  This low CG allows hard braking without lifting the rear wheel entering the turn, and allowing trailing braking deep into turns.
  • The ZEV LRC is the choice for distance running.  Its long wheelbase would be a disadvantage on a tight track, but not out on the open road where its streamlining gives it the distance advantage.
  • The ZEV MB “bicycle” pack up to 72 volts against the maximum of 48 volts of any other brand (and there is room for more battery and even higher voltage) for on road bicycle races.


ZEV offers schools competitors building vehicle of their own designs special pricing on components and engineering assistance.

Consider running any established race or event such as the:

              Pikes Peak Hill Climb for Motorcycles

              Pikes Peak Hill Climb for Bicycles

              Electric Drag Races

              Vetter Challenge for fuel efficiency

              Salt flats, dry lakes, airport top speed records.

CONTACT D. Zehrbach at for questions on our racing sponsorship program.