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Z Electric Vehicle

Manufacturer of Electric Motorcycles, Motor Scooters,  E-Bikes, and Trikes  

"The way to change the world is to build world changing products our                                     customers can use to better their lives and the world." 

ZEV designs, manufactures, and assembles
  • The world’s longest-range production electric motor scooters and motorcycles with ranges up to 225 km (140 miles) in standard battery pack configurations.
  • The world’s fastest electric motor scooters with speeds up to 130 km/h (80 mph)
  • The world’s most powerful electric motor scooter with 10,000 watts of continuous power.
 All ZEV products are
  • USA DOT certified
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Available for EEC Small Volume certification
  • Titled and documented with USA VIN numbers (VIN WMI code 1Z9)

ZEV products feature the bleeding edge of available EV alternative fuel technology

Hub Motors
  • ZEV is the only company in the industry to use oil-cooled hub motors inside the rear wheel. Doing so gives us the lowest part count and moving part count for maximum reliability and lowest maintenance with the added bonus of no belts or chains.
Multi-Speed Electronic Transmission
  • Each bike is installed with an electronic 3 speed no clutch controller, which boosts range up to 50% and hill climbing ability up to 35% over competing vehicles.  This controller varies both the amps and the volts.
Lithium Batteries
  • Our largest battery pack has a capacity of 10kwh, the largest battery pack available in the industry. (Over 3 times larger than the Toyota Prius). 
  • Each battery pack is built to standard sizes so that as new battery technologies become available, your ZEV is ready to upgrade. No ZEV customer will ever be locked in to a battery supplier.
Our scooters and motorcycles are hand-built. Every bike is test-driven and test-charged over several days before shipping. No other company in the world invests that time to ensure your ZEV arrives without defect.

ZEV has been in production since 2008 and has bikes on the road with over 23,000 miles on them

Scooters and Motorcycles

LRC 10

The Longest Range and Fastest Electric Motor Scooter in the World


ZEV's Longest Running Production Line, Including the:

 S-7100    S-7100 LR    S-6100    S-6000 L

S-4100    S-3600 L    S-4100 L


The rugged T-Series includes:

T-10    T-7100    T-6100    T-5100

2700 L

Cargo Bicycle

B-750    B-Heavy Duty

The Aero Series E-Bikes

Valkyrie-750 Watt


Harpie-500 Watt

The World's fastest concealed battery E-bikes


we offer demonstration rides at our facility in Morgantown, WV and at our dealers around the world. Contact us at to arrange a test ride today.

WE PAY YOUR GAS OR AIRFARE if you travel and purchase a ZEV motorcycle or scooter. Dealers exist in the UK, Australia, Bermuda, and Vietnam to provide test rides.

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