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Z Electric Vehicle Corporation

Manufacturer of Electric Motorcycle, Motor Scooter, E Bike and Trikes  

We believe- The way to change the world is to build world changing products our customers can use to better their lives and the world. 

In order to give our customers the maximum transportation "tool" they need to work with:

  • ZEV are the world's longest range production electric motor scooters, motorcycles, with ranges to 225 km / 140 miles in the standard battery pack configurations. 
  • ZEV are the world's longest range E Bicycle with 4-6 times the battery capacity of all competing bicycle giving us 4-6 times the real range of any other bike.
  • ZEV are the worlds fastest electric motor scooters-speeds to 130 km/h / 80 mph.
  • ZEV makes the world's most powerful electric motor scooters with power to 10,000watts continuous
  • Lithium battery capacity to 10 kwh in a production bike. The industry leader. (over 3 times larger than a Toyota Prius!!)  
  • No one beats our performance, quality, and price combinations.
  • We use Hub Motor, inside the rear wheel motors for the highest efficiency, lowest parts count, and smallest number of moving parts to yield maximum reliability and the lowest maintenance.  No belts, no chains.
  • We have the widest range of models of any electric 2 wheel bike company in the world.  Power range from 2,400 watts to 10,000 watts continuous.   Price range from $1,925 to $13,990.
  • No company has a better warranty on their electric bikes than our two year warranty.
  • Assembled in the USA. 
  • All motor scooters have USA VIN numbers and are assembled in the USA to be fully compliant and legal in all states.  VIN WMI code 1Z9.  All documents for title are USA spec.
  • EEC Small volume certification available for all models.
  • Multi speed Electronic Transmission used to boost range up to 50% and / or hill climbing up to 35% over competing electric vehicles.
  • All models of motor scooter and cycle can carry two grown people of normal weight within the certified payload. 
  • We have customers with over +23,000 miles on their bike driving with the original power train and battery to work and back on a daily basis.
  • Our products have the lowest major component replacement costs of any of the high performance electric motorcycles or scooters.
  • Our products feature the bleeding edge of available EV alternative fuel technology with lithium batteries, rare earth, permanent magnet, multi phase hub motors, coupled to multi speed electronic transmission controllers in a package designed to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on purchase price, operating costs, and ownership.
  • We are a hand built scooter and motorcycle producer with every bike test driven over several days on the test circuit before shipping.  They are cycled on the battery charger several times to insure that your bike is without defect when it leaves the shop. No other company in the world spends that expensive time to do this to our knowledge.
  • All models use standard size battery so that as new battery technology becomes available, every bike we ever produced can be upgraded, and no customer is ever locked into one supplier.
  • Oil cooled and lubricated hub motors for maximum motor life and efficiency.  The world's only!
  • The current production scooter models are: ZEV7100                  ZEV7100 LR                    zEV6100                         ZEV6000 L           ZEV4100                   ZEV3600 L                       ZEV4100 L

    T 7100                      T 6100             T 5100                 T 10

    ZEV 2700 L

    ZEV LRC 10


    ZEV B-750, 750 watt E Bike  

    ZEV B-CARGO, 750 and 2000 watt


            ZEV VALKRI-E 750 WATT                       ZEV HARPI-E 500 WATT
    The world's longest range and fastest electric pedal bicycle!  Featuring concealed battery construction in a hydroformed aluminum chassis.

    We offer demonstration rides at our Test Site near Pittsburgh, Pa, and Morgantown, WV., or at dealers around the world.  CONTACT us at                            WE PAY FOR YOUR AIRFARE OR GASOLINE if you travel and purchase a ZEV motorcycle or scooter.  In the USA dealers have demonstrators on hand.  Dealers in the UK, Australia, Bermuda, and Vietnam, also have demonstration ride programs. 

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